The first HIPAA-compliant big data analytics sharing platform. . Data scientists on demand. Answers NOT numbers. We are coming soon.

Do you need help analyzing your healthcare data?

The problem isn't enough data. You are swimming in it. You have too much and too little time. You need expertise and help finding solutions, not more numbers. You don't need a consultant. We have amassed the top US-based data scientists across the country.

HIPAA-complaint with HIPAA safe-harbor PHI tools

The biggest fear any organization has sharing healthcare data is protected health information (PHI). We solve that problem by providing safe-harbor tools that scan all files to ensure there is no identifying information.

Best Data Scientists

We give you access to top data scientists to help you make sense of the mountains of data you have locked away. All our data scientists are verified and US-based at top universities throughout the country. Data scientists we use are by invitation only and are 100% screened.

Flat fee structure and project management

We provide a flat-fee structure, no hourly bills, with project management to make sure your goals are met in a timely manner.

Awesome Support

We provide fast and high quality support for all customers. Feel free to contact us, we try to respond to everyone within 24 hrs. period.

Little About Us

With a combined experience of over 50-years in healthcare analytics our company was born out of frustration. The exponential growth of healthcare data has outpaced our ability to effectively analyze and utilize this resource. Healthcare has become information rich, but knowledge poor.

Our Mission

To securely deliver and connect world-class analytics and data scientists to healthcare organizations throughout the country.

Our Vision

To easily provide healthcare analytics and big data insights to all healthcare organizations, regardless of size.

Contact Us

We are ready for any challenge. Please, contact us anytime to boost your business and achieve new milestones.



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